Empowering the people to connect.

Empowering the people to connect

Since its foundation, Gaiax has been aiming to stimulate communication for people to share their thoughts. We believe that the best and most efficient way to solve the issues in our society is to realize that we are the ones facing them. We will reach our mission "Empowering the people to connect" by having a strong notion that we are the ones having the issues in our society.

Our Business

Up until now, to materialize our mission of "Empowering the people to connect", we engaged in many system development and management. We have managed data center's hardware and built its network, office network, intra-type systems, and basic WEB services, which all require high level and wide variety of skills.

And for system management, there are always system failures lurking around.

Reactio has been created to solve the organizational issues which we have experienced countless times when dealing with system failure.

A World with Reactio

To solve issues in this world, and to provide new values, you need engineers. Through system failure, we hope that not just engineers but everyone will connect and grow together organically.

Incident Management brings a Sense of Unity

The stake holders for a system are not just engineers, but everyone in the organization such as users, operators, sellers, planners, and designers. By taking the system failure as an issue of the entire organization, instead of thinking it as simply a technical difficulty, a sense of unity will be created.

Incident Management Will Become Accumulated and Utilized as Information Asset

When a systematic error occurs, solving the issue becomes a priority leaving no time for recording the processes, decisions, circumstances, and operations. But by providing the whole response to the system failure as an instrument, the entire response will become recorded. Recorded and accumulated information will become references in the future. It will also become information resources when trying to find systematic solution by analyzing them.

Engineers and Organization Grows through Incident Management

To solve system failures, you need a deep understanding of the system and a high level of skills. Also quick debate and decision making needs to happen. By sharing these real-time and referring to it afterwards, the skill of the engineers will improve and the knowledge of the system will deepen. This will leads to the growth of the entire organization.