Initial Settings: Customizing Incident Details

Customize items for incident details.


Settings Screen

From the hamburger menu on the Global Navigation Bar, click on [Settings].

Click the "Incident Details Settings" and open the settings screen.

Adding Option Items

Click the "+ Add Item."

Items regarding incident details may be chosen from 5 categories.

Item Name Details
Single-Line Text Single-Line Text Area
Multi-Line Text Multi-Line Text Area
Radio Button Choose one from multiple options
Checkbox Choose multiple items from multiple options
List Choose one from multiple pull down

Creating and Editing Items

Enter "Item Name" and "API Parameter Name" when creating each item.

Item name Detail
Item Name Displayed item name
API parameter name API identifier

If the type is "Radio Button," "Checkbox," or "List," choose option.

Item name Detail
Order Change choice order (Drag icon)
Choice name Displayed choice name
API String API identifier
Delete Delete choice

Change Item Order

Click "Reorder Items" on the settings screen.

It will move to change order screen, so drag the "order" icon and click "save" to reflect the detail.

Caution when updating/deleting item/choice

Once you change/delete an item/choice, the change will be applied for all incidents, including those in the past. Deleted items cannot be recovered, so please take caution.

Error Message

Validation does not match

If details entered for each box does not meet the validation rule, an error message will show up.