Recording Incident Details

Information can be managed for each Incident. By customizing incident details, they can be used with regard to each organization.


The fixed-in-place incident information is displayed by the right side of [Incident Details]. This information may be edited with regard to the actions taken for the Incident.

Description of Fixed Items

Item name Description
Status Select status of incident (Note: Reaction Failure Prevention Alert is triggered only when the Status is set to [Ongoing])
Created Date and time of Incident creation(Note: Cannot be edited)
Occurred Date and time of incident occurrence(Note: Can be edited when incident creation and incident occurrence are at different times and dates)
Permanent Action Date and time when status had been changed to Permanent Action
Attachment Attached files for storing incident information

To display customized items, click on the expansion bar by the bottom.

The customized items that had been set by the Administrator will be displayed. You will be able to enter for each item.

Error message

An error message will be displayed if there are errors with the conditions in the entry format for each item.