Personal Settings: User Edit

Set up user's "Basic Information" and "Contact Information" for Simultaneous Notifications.



From the hamburger menu on the Global Navigation Bar, click on [Settings].

Click "Personal Settings," enter all the items on the Edit Users screen and then click "Edit."

Item Explanation

Basic Information

Item name Detail
User name Shown user name
E-mail Address Email Address for login
Password Password for login (not entered:no change)
Confirmation Password Enter password again for confirmation
Group Organaization name (optional)
Enable Account Login able/unable

Contact Information

Item name Detail
Phone number Phone number to be notified
Email Address 1 Simultaneous notification sent to 1
Email Address 2 Simultaneous notification sent to 2
Skype Skype ID (display only, not notified) Where is to be notified

By putting check on "Use as Default for Simultaneous Notifications," it will also be marked as check for "List of the person involved" when sending Simultaneous Notifications.

Items that only administrator can edit

Item name Detail
Authority User Authority
Allow View of All Projects Able to view all incidents unrelated to the project
Allow View of User Details Able to view personal information from user list
Register as a Guest Add to applicable guest on the incident creation/detail screen

Error Message

Item format does not match

If the format of the entered detail is wrong, an error message will show up.