Creating a Project

You are able to create a "Project" and register the users that are attached to the Project. Note: A Project is required in order to create an Incident.


From the hamburger menu on the Global Navigation Bar, click on [Settings].

Select [Project Settings], and click on the [Create Project] button in the Project Settings screen. Within the Create Project screen, enter for each item and click [Create] button. Basic Information

Item name Description
Project Name Displayed name of the Project
User Select users attached to the Project
Group Name to differentiate between organizations (optional)
Enable Project Allow/deny display and creation of incidents
Reaction Failure Prevention Alert Allow/deny incident reaction failure alert
Notification Language Languaged to be voiced for system messages and for Simultaneous Notifications

Reaction Failure Prevention Alert: function which, if an Incident's status is not updated since it has been set as [Occurred], sends a "reaction failure alert" to the default contacts (phone number, etc.) to the Conductor (30 seconds) and the users attached to the Project (every hour).

Error Message

The entered contents does not match the item format

An error message will be displayed if there is any error for each item.