Configuring Authorities

You are able to configure authorities for users attached to a "Project". Authorities are set as "General" by default, but you are able to create multiple authorities in addition to the default. If no authorities have been linked, all selectable authorities will be rendered invalid.


From the hamburger menu on the Global Navigation Bar, click on [Settings].

Select [Project Settings], and click on the desired Project within the Project list.

From the [Authority] column within [Project Details], click on the Edit icon (pencil).

If you are creating additional authorities along with the default, click the Add icon (plus sign) within [Project Editing Authorization].

Select the name of the Authority and the authorities you wish to grant, and click [Create].

Within the newly added Authority, select the users that are grouped within the Authority via the [Users] column, and click [Edit].

The configured Authorities will be displayed within the [Project Details] screen.

To edit or delete a created Authority, click on the Delete icon (trash can) within [Project Editing Authorization].

Description of selectable authorities

Selectable items

Item Description
Edit Incident Name User is able to edit the name registered at Incident creation.
Edit Incident Details User is able to register/edit the time and date of Incident occurrence and customized items.
Delete Incident User is able to delete created Incidents.
Delete Topic User is able to delete created Topics.
Add Guest User is able to add users that are not affiliated with the incident as guests.
Show Project Details screen user is able to edit settings displayed within [Settings]>[Project Settings].