Creating and Using Topics

Timeline messages can be classified by Topic. Messages that have been classified by Topic may be displayed via each specific Topic. By doing so, you can sort messages with different Actions or phases to confirm the status of your Incidents, etc. and review matters in the past.


From [Incident Details], enter a new Topic name under [Topic List], and press [Enter] key.

The newly added Topic will be displayed under the [Topic List].

Select the added Topic from the drop-down menu near the right side of the message entry field.

Once you post a message after selecting a topic, the top part of the message will be colored with the topic's color.


From the [Topic List], select and click the Topic name.

The messages posted under the selected Topic will be displayed.

Useful features

Shortcut keys are available when switching between Topics.

Mac OSX Windows
command + control + [0-9] Ctrl + Alt + [0-9]